Zenegra 100mg for ED Treatment: Dosage, Tablet Price, and Side Effects.


Zenegra is one of the most sought-after sildenafil generics on the market today. It has been approved as safe and effective for erectile dysfunction, or ED, treatment in men. Nizagara 100mg is a similar product for consumers wanting to treat ED.

ED patients no longer need to struggle with impotence on their own. Today, medications such as Zenegra can be purchased at very affordable prices. For instance, a three-month supply of Zenegra can be purchased for $70. Assuming that the average customer will not be taking a pill daily, a three-month supply would actually last much longer.

What is generic Zenegra?

Zenegra is the generic brand name for the drug Viagra, or sildenafil citrate in particular. A generic version of a drug uses the same chemical formula as its parent drug. While it looks different than the original, a generic medication is manufactured using the same active ingredient as the name-brand pharmaceutical, which ensures that the generic produces the same effects as the original.

All major ED drugs have a generic version available today. Levitra was the latest major medication to be developed. Today, generic Levitra online can already be purchased over-the-counter. For years customers have been able to purchase over-the-counter Viagra and Cialis for sale in some countries.

Alkem Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is the Indian-based company that manufactures Zenegra. As a veteran in the business of manufacturing medications, Alkem produces quality pharmaceuticals of all kinds.

Like many other medications used in the treatment of ED, Zenegra is accessible in pill form. For best results, consumers are encouraged to take Zenegra with a full glass of water about an hour before sexual intercourse.

Zenegra 100 Dosage

As its name suggests, the recommended dosage of Zenegra 100 is 100 mg per use. The medication can become active within 30 minutes of ingestion, but it is recommended that an hour is allowed before sexual intercourse to ensure maximum potency. Drinking a full glass of water with Zenegra ensures that the medication is easily absorbed into the body.

Zenegra also comes in dosages of 25mg and 50mg. Most experts recommend that users start with the lowest dosage and gradually increase until the desired results are achieved. While some users have even increased their dosage to 150mg, consumers should never do so without consulting a physician.

It is important to note that sildenafil-containing drugs, Zenegra included, cannot bring about erections in the absence of sexual stimulation. For this reason, foreplay is encouraged during the waiting period after Zenegra ingestion.

Consumers should never take Zenegra 100 if planning to consume excessive amounts of alcohol or foods that are high in fat. The former will worsen the side effects while the latter will delay its effects.

Why Buy Zenegra Generic?

There are a number of reasons why users may consider buying Zenegra. For one, the drug has been approved as effective in combating the effects of erectile dysfunction. Zenegra provides users with a period of 4-5 hours during which hard erections can be attained with sufficient stimulation.

Another reason why people buy Zenegra over name-brand options is that the generic drug is significantly less expensive than name-brand sildenafil citrate medications. Offering effective treatment at a fraction of the cost of the original medication was the motivation behind manufacturing generic versions in the first place.

Not only is it cost-effective, but generic Zenegra can also be purchased without a prescription. While this may prove harmful in some ways, it eliminates the need to first get a medical checkup before acquiring ED medications.

Zenegra 100 enables men to regain their sexual confidence while also improving their overall emotional and relational well-being. Because impotence contributes to an increased prevalence of depression as well as relationship failure, Zenegra 100 can positively impact many areas of a man’s life.

Zenegra 100 Cost

Anyone considering purchasing Zenegra 100mg is encouraged to know as much about the medication as possible, including the cost.

Depending on the pharmacy from which you are buying the pills, consumers will pay an average of $2.50 per pill. Bulk orders receive a discount per unit. Since Zenegra 100mg pills can be purchased in packets of up to 600 pills, users can optimally end up paying less than $1 per pill. Consumers will also find that most online pharmacies offer delivery services for larger orders, further reducing the overall cost of treating ED with Zenegra.

Zenegra 100 Side Effects

Headaches, nausea, and dizziness are the most common side effects associated with this drug. Because the active ingredient sildenafil citrate works by widening the arteries to improve blood flow in the body, these side effects most likely result from a sudden change in blood pressure. Facial flushing, nasal congestion, diminished vision and loss of hearing can also be experienced.

Patients who have a history of blood pressure and heart-related conditions should never take Zenegra without consulting a doctor first. This warning applies to users taking various medications, particularly nitrates and other ED medications including supplements and herbal products. Dangerous drug interactions are possible in these cases.

Zenegra is intended for use by men 18 years of age or older. Men as old as 70 years can benefit from this medication as well. Pregnant women and children should not use Zenegra for any reason. Recently, Lovegra tablets were introduced as the sildenafil equivalent for women. Although some reviews boast of the effectiveness of Lovegra, experts disagree on the benefits of Viagra or its generics when taken by women.

In the event that Zenegra ingestion should cause pain or extreme side effects, medical attention should be sought as soon as possible.

Where to Buy Zenegra Over-the-Counter

Many online pharmacies provide the option of buying Zenegra over-the-counter. When purchasing medications online, however, users must ensure that the pills they are buying are actually from the original manufacturer. There are various ways the legitimacy of an online pharmacy can be checked. Consumers can browse through the lists of certified pharmacies on PharmacyChecker.com, for example, or peruse the official website of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Alternatively, you can opt to buy directly from the official website. As long as their delivery services cater to the area from where you are ordering, this is the safest option for buying online pharmaceuticals.

Although Zenegra can be purchased without a prescription, it is very important that consumers first seek consultation with a medical doctor before beginning any treatment. Erectile dysfunction can actually be a symptom of a much more complex condition and taking ED medications can cause symptoms to become worse.

Precautions When Using Zenegra

Zenegra is formulated to help men with erectile dysfunction achieve erections sufficient enough for sexual intercourse. Zenegra should never be used in the absence of a sexual dysfunction or before a patient is diagnosed with ED.

Continuous use of Zenegra in the absence of impotence will actually encourage the development of chronic ED. Consult your doctor before beginning treatment with Zenegra.

Users should be aware of all possible side effects when taking Zenegra. Medications should only be used as directed, and additional dosing information can be accessed online if questions arise during or before beginning treatment with Zenegra.

Unlike tadalafil which can be used on daily basis, sildenafil citrate should be used on an as-needed basis only. Patients should only take Zenegra when there is the strong potential of sexual activity within the next hour, at most. Consumers are advised not to take sildenafil citrate pills on daily basis. Frequent use can potentially lead to resistance.

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