What Does Viagra Do, How Does Viagra Work, and What is Viagra Used For?


Greetings reader and welcome to a special question-and-answer article dedicated to informing the public on the details of the wonder drug Viagra. Pulled together for your reading pleasure are some frequently asked questions and educational responses. Do you have queries about Viagra? Odds are responses can be found below. Prepare for eye-opening exploration on the history, function, and lifestyle benefits of the little blue pill.

What is Viagra Used For?

Starting at the source, Viagra is medication usually prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction in men. What is Viagra used for specifically? To help males achieve an erection so they can perform sexually.

Viagra holds 45% of the sexual dysfunction medication market, with competitor cialis holding the second spot. A positive side-effect of improving erections is improving romantic relationships. Older men, and men with medical conditions, could now approach their love lives with more vigor than in the past. Viagra isn’t just a treatment, is it freedom, it is passion, it is a new life for many. 

What does Viagra Do?

What does Viagra do to improve men’s sex lives? The medication aids in achieving an erection by increasing blood flow. sildenafil citrate, Viagra’s scientific chemical name, was invented in 1989 by two British scientists, Peter Dunn and Albert Wood, hired by pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The pair created the drug to treat high blood pressure and angina (heart or chest pain).

In clinical trials, the substance was disappointing as a heart disease treatment, but volunteers noticed an odd side effect that directed researchers to a new use of Viagra. study participants reported an uptick in erections in the days following taking Viagra.  

Around the same time of the studies, discoveries were also being made on the biochemical reactions necessary for erections. A deeper scientific understanding of male arousal, plus the unpromising potential for angina treatment, led to studies on erectile dysfunction. All the stars of time and science aligned to treat ED. The industry pivoted to use the drug as a remedy for ED.

How Does Viagra Work?

All of the above sounds great for the love lives and sexual health of men (and women partners too), but how does Viagra work its magic? Turns out the compound designed to rehabilitate circulation was effective in revamping erections.

Certain diseases and conditions can restrict circulation in the body like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, and generalized aging. Viagra opens up capillaries to boost blood flow to the genitals. Then when arousal occurs, the man is able to generate an erection.

Viagra does not cause sexual arousal on its own, but rather assists the user when the timing is right. Physical or mental stimulation is still necessary. In greater detail, the body releases a chemical called Nitric Oxide when it becomes sexually excited. The nitric oxide reacts with the enzyme cGMP to relax muscle fibers in the penis and produce an erection. Viagra supports this process by maintaining cGMP levels. The trigger is imperative, meaning no involuntary erections.

What Does Viagra Look Like?

Ask anyone on the street about Viagra and what it looks like, it is probable you will get a version of “the little blue pill.” The imagery in media and pop culture spawned Viagra’s nickname of little blue pill. Fun fact, another fashionable nickname was the “Pfizer Riser.”

Specifically, each tablet is diamond shaped, light blue, with Pfizer printed on one side. The opposite side is typically stamped with the milligram numeral of varying degrees.

What is the active ingredient?

Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra that encourages the blood vessels to relax. Since its inception, other brands have found what is the active ingredient to Viagra and established extraneous lines of medicines for improving the engorgement in men.

Sildenafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor which blocks phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme from destroying the cGMP that regulates blood flow in and out of the penis. Sildenafil stabilizes cGMP through blocking its destruction.

How Quickly Does Viagra Work?

Planners of the world are wondering, how quickly does Viagra work? How quickly it works is within merely 30 to 60 minutes post-ingestion. Fortunately, spontaneous endeavors are workable with minimal disruption to life’s flow. Add it to your date night or bedtime routine seamlessly. Best results are obtained if the tablet is taken on an empty stomach.

How Long Does Viagra Last?

With the short action times of Viagra, it would surprise you how long it works. This magical medicine effectiveness spreads up to 4 hours. The combination of fast-acting and long-lasting equals a solution that fits into real life scenarios. No need to rush after popping the pill, because within just one hour results can be witnessedBeware, if you experience an erection for more than 4 hours, it is time to seek medical attention. The majority of users find how long does Viagra last is approximately four hours. 

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