Tadacip by Cipla Online: Where to Buy Safe 20 mg Tadalafil Pills.


Viagra, introduced in 1998, was the very first drug to treat erectile dysfunction, or ED. It was soon possible to order Viagra online. Five years later, yet another breakthrough in ED treatment came with the development of Cialis. Unlike the earlier Viagra, Cialis depended on a chemical compound known as tadalafil to produce its effects.

Tadalafil, the active ingredient in Cialis and well as Tadacip, was found to produce effects that could last up to 36 hours. To some people, this was a kind of jackpot. In fact, Cialis for sale online was nicknamed ‘the weekend pill’ because its effects could last up to three days after just a single pill.

After some time, patent protection for Cialis expired in some countries. This patent expiration opened the door for generic Cialis versions. Manufacturers of generic medications now had the freedom to replicate the chemical formula used to create a certain drug, provided that the new drug is physically not similar to the original one. Tadacip is one of the generics that resulted.

What are Tadacip by Cipla Pills?

Cipla Limited is a pharmaceutical giant based in India. The company is internationally recognized and has been in the pharmaceutical business for more than half a century now. Cipla is a prolific generics producer that has also manufactured other ED generic brands including Suhagra and Silagra.

The basic requirement for producing generics is quite simple. Pharmaceutical companies can use the same chemical formula that was used in the production of another drug, as long as the generic version does not physically copy the original drug.

Basically, Tadacip by Cipla is a generic Cialis drug, produced by different pharmaceutical company than Cialis. As a generic, it is significantly cheaper than the name brand version since most of the research and development has already been done by the original manufacturing pharmaceutical company. Tadalafil is the primary active ingredient in Tadacip. Other ingredients such as magnesium stearate are used as fillers and additives.

Tadacip Review and Forum Testimonials

Identifying legitimate testimonials or reviews for Eli Lilly Cialis is fairly easy. Many users have tried the medication and are convinced that it actually works. In fact, new users are occasionally eligible to receive a free 30 day supply of Cialis. The same cannot be said about Tadacip. While there are reviews that users can access online, finding a genuine Tadacip review from an actual user is easier said than done.

That being said, available reviews suggest that Tadacip works just as effectively as the name brand drug Cialis. This similarity is due in large part to the fact that both versions use the active ingredient tadalafil.

Where the two drugs differ is the recommended dosage. The recommended dosage for name brand Cialis pills is 10 mg. The recommended dosage for the generic brand, on the other hand, is Tadacip 20mg. Why the difference in dosage amounts?

There are some Tadacip reviews that insist the generic drug offers better results than its parent version. Greater effectiveness can be attributed to the fact that twice as much tadalafil is contained in the generic version. While this can be a good thing, it also can be quite disastrous when it comes to side effects. With drugs, a slight addition in dosage can drastically increase unwanted side effects while offering minimal desired effects.

Available Tadacip reviews and forum testimonials suggest that the drug does work as effectively if not more so than the original version. For generics purchased from fraudulent online pharmacies, however, this will not be the case.

Tadacip Dosage

The most common dosage for this generic medication is Tadacip 20mg. However, 10mg and 5mg dosages are also available.

Users are directed to take Tadacip 20mg about 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. The pills are to be taken orally, preferably with a glass of water. Effects should last up to 36 hours after which time another dosage may be administered. Alcohol and heavy meals with foods that are high in fat can cause tadalafil to become ineffective and can produce or worsen side effects.
For long-term treatment of ED, Tadacip 5mg is administered on a daily basis rather than as-needed, regardless of sexual activity.

Obtaining Viagra samples free by mail provides ED patients the opportunity to test a new Viagra drug without purchasing a month’s supply. If you have never previously used a product containing tadalafil, consider the option of a free Tadacip trial sample.

It is advisable to consult a physician before taking Tadacip especially when treating long-term ED. Although most online pharmacies that sell the drug do so without requiring a prescription, only a licensed professional physician can determine if the medication is appropriate for you given your personal medical history.

Where to Buy Tadacip Online Pills

The best place to purchase Tadacip online is from the official site. This way, you will be assured that you are buying legitimate Tadacip by Cipla pills. While the official pharmacy offers delivery services to many countries worldwide, it cannot guarantee shipment to every location across the globe.

If the official site does not deliver to your specific location, there are still other online pharmacies that might. These pharmacies may be accessed readily over the internet. Be careful to first check the legitimacy of the pharmacy before making a purchase.

You can start by running an independent search on the internet. Any legitimate pharmacy will have publicly available records, especially certification documents and a license of operation. You can also check to see if the pharmacy has been listed on PharmacyChecker.com or has been flagged by the FDA. As you may come to learn later, the hardest task in regards to buying Tadacip and related generic drugs online is finding a legitimate pharmacy that sells the actual pills.

Depending on the pharmacy where you are purchasing the medication, Tadacip 20mg can typically be purchased for as low as $1 or as high as $2.50 per pill. The cheapest prices are available for consumers ordering in bulk, or up to 360 pills.

Note that Tadacip is not available over-the-counter in countries such as the U.K. and the U.S., meaning these can only be purchased with a valid prescription in these areas. The same goes for Apcalis UK, a drug closely related to Tadacip. In this case, consumers can only order these pharmaceuticals from abroad. Consumers are advised to become familiar with their state and federal laws regarding the purchasing of online medication.

Tadacip 20mg Side Effects

Any tadalafil drug produces a number of side effects, and Tadacip is no exception. More than half of tadalafil users will experience headaches and upset stomach. These ailments can be accompanied by aching muscles and facial flushing. Some users report a combination of the above side effects plus cold-like symptoms such as a runny nose.

Headaches and stomach disorders usually last no more than 24 hours. Aching back or muscles can persist for up to 2 days.

Sudden loss of vision and hearing has also been noted with tadalafil use. These symptoms are mainly attributed to a drop in blood pressure. In fact, other side effects related to blood pressure disorders are possible. It is for this reason that users taking other medications, especially nitrates, should never take Tadacip without first consulting a doctor. The same is true for patients suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, or any other health condition that requires medication.

Rarely, tadalafil causes a condition known as priapism. In this case, an erection persists for more than 4 hours. It is both painful and dangerous. Treatment should be sought immediately. Immediate medical attention is also necessary in the event that the negative side effects persist for longer than a week or become worrisome.

Precautions When Buying Tadacip Online

A common mistake people make when buying online medications like Tadacip is ordering precariously without first ensuring that the source is reputable. Take your time in researching both the company and the product to safeguard yourself from fraudulent or harmful purchases and to make sure that the medication you are purchasing is right for you.

For starters, do not buy Tadacip or any other generic Cialis if you are not familiar with the general directions for and possible side effects of using tadalafil. Exercise caution and abstain from using this medication if you are currently taking a prescription for the treatment of another medical condition. Consult your primary care physician to determine if you can take Tadacip safely.

Fraudulent businesses are posing as legitimate online pharmacies in greater numbers every day. Less than half of what you see online are licensed drug distributors. Never purchase a medication from an online source unless you can verify the business’ legitimacy. Buying pills from bogus pharmacies will give you nothing more than worthless placebos.

Tadacip users should also be warned to moderate their use of alcohol when taking the medication. Alcohol worsens the side effects experienced, such as headaches and dizziness. Alcohol also contributes to reduced blood pressure which can be fatal for some patients.

Finally, never take Tadacip in combination with other medications meant to treat erectile dysfunction, including herbal products or supplements.

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