Where to Buy the Best Viagra Over the Counter Without A Doctor


Do you suffer from a form of erectile dysfunction? Perhaps your partner strives to improve your love life together or get their sexual health back on track? Only approximately 5% of men over 40 suffer from complete ED so what if you’re in the larger population with minor issues. In that way, you are not alone, because 40% of men over 40 years-old experience some level of erection problems. Over seventy? The likelihood that you will suffer from sexual issues raise exponentially. What are your treatment options to avoid a drastic measure like surgery or name brand medications like Viagra?

Can You Buy Viagra Over the Counter and What is the Best?

Branded Viagra is not procurable to buy over the counter. There are two alternatives paths you can take to address health concerns in this instance and see if you can buy Viagra over the counter.

The first is to meet with your doctor. A professional can determine whether Viagra is the perfect fit for your body. If they determine the original blue pill is what you need, then you can obtain a prescription. A knowledgeable MD can also point you in the direction of generic or OTC options. You may find you don’t need medication at all. Studies have shown that lifestyle changes can treat ED fantastically. Modifying alcohol intake, losing weight, increasing exercise, and losing the cigarettes are all ways proven to relieve symptoms.

The second path can skip going to your GM. It’s likely they will recommend an over-the-counter therapy anyway, so it doesn’t hurt to start there. Exhibit some moxie and identify options outside of the prescription drug lane. A commendable angle to take is classifying prescriptions as a last resort, opting to analyze less extreme options in the beginning.

Where to Buy Viagra Over the Counter Without a Doctor

Again, it’s not possible to buy actual Viagra over the counter. Decide not to be discouraged if you were hoping for this because we wholly prepared to provide a variety of other alternatives. Operating solo is doable, even if you want comparable medication to ease your worries. Now we dive into the realm of how to buy, where to get, and finding the optimal Viagra for your condition and budget.

Who Sells Viagra Over the Counter?

Versions of male erectile disorder drugs are plentiful. The most surprising thing about no-name ED products is action does not require a written script to complete. The majority are readily accessible directly in the drugstore or at a reputable syndicate, like [name].

What is the Best OTC Viagra?

Not all OTC remedies are created equal. Basically, two values exist to be used at one’s disposal. Herbal treatments and pills that don’t require a physician signature or a pharmacist to intervene.

The herb supplements with proven science behind them include:

DHEA. That National Institutes of Health have publicly stated that this compound is “possibly effective” in male treatment. The element found in soy products has shown potential for improving female libido as well.

L-arginine. L-arginine increases blood flow to the genitals, helping men’s blood flow and erections again. On the downside, it is heavily associated with nausea and cramping.

Ginseng. Mayo clinical has marked ginseng as a “mostly safe” natural supplement. It is included in a wide variety of energy drinks and health foods meaning it’s easy to find. The stimulant could put a snap back into a turtle if needed.

Yohimbe. NIH has endorsed yohimbe as “possibly effective” while the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine are more reluctant to pass it as safe.

The best fit for your personal requirements will depend on your body’s reaction and your own tolerance. Perform due diligence before starting any supplement regiment.

Who Sells OTC Viagra Without a Doctor?

Buying Viagra without a doctor’s oversight is a dangerous move. The pill may be blue and your expectations may be through the roof but you could fall for a dangerous trick or get scammed by a dud. However, if you can broaden your ideas to include generics, your options will be more open. Avoid putting your health or worse your life at risk for taking an unknown substance.

How to Buy OTC Viagra

To hedge your bets on safety, it is preferred to go with a generic Viagra that has been tested. Research how others have reacted and whether you make an educated decision to embrace the risks. The FDA has approved some supplements for trial and those are a pleasant place to start.

Chosen an item? Online ordering means that puppy will appear right on your stoop in an unmarked, not-flashy box. Trv out your purchases from [online store] knowing that you supported a well-liked, established business.

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