Malegra 100mg Online: Dosage, DXT&FXT Varieties, Where to Buy, & Side Effects.


An estimated 60% of men will at one time in their lives suffer from a form of erectile dysfunction, or ED. ED is a condition preventing males from being able to achieve or sustain an erection sufficient enough for sexual intercourse.

Luckily, a number of ED medications have been developed and are widely available today. Viagra is arguably the most successful. In fact, Viagra is so well-known that its name has become synonymous with ED treatment. Because of its noted effectiveness and popularity, numerous generic versions of Viagra are being introduced into the market. When someone, for example, asks what herbal Viagra is, they are actually referring to an herbal product used to treat ED which has nothing to do with sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in Viagra.

Malegra is one of the generic Viagra medications available today. Sildenafil citrate is the primary active ingredient of this and many other ED treatments which enables men to achieve and sustain a proper erection.

What is Malegra 100mg, DXT, FXT, Pro and Oral Jelly?

So what is Malegra anyway? Malegra may be one of the most advanced generics you will ever come across. Unlike many generics that treat ED, Malegra is available in a number of strengths and forms.

All Malegra and Malegra-related products are produced by Sunrise Remedies, a pharmaceutical company based in India. This company has been operational for nearly 30 years and is mainly known for manufacturing herbal remedies and generics that treat ED.

Malegra’s active ingredient sildenafil citrate is a drug classified as a PDE5 inhibitor. Drugs in this category work to enable increased blood flow to the arteries – including those in the penis – which is necessary for an erection.

Malegra Pro 100 is sildenafil citrate manufactured in 100mg strength and branded specifically as such. It is the strongest of all Malegra dosages and should be taken only with a prescription and under the care of a physician.

Malegra DXT and FXT Plus include modifications meant to complement the action of sildenafil citrate present in the pills. In addition to sildenafil, Malegra DXT also contains 30 mg of duloxetine while Malegra FXT contains 40 mg of fluoxetine. Both of these added compounds – known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs – work by interfering with the manner in which a brain chemical known as serotonin is absorbed into the brain. The main aim is to delay premature ejaculation by slowing down brain activities that initiate ejaculations in men. Melagra, then, not only treats erectile dysfunction but also premature ejaculation, possessing all the benefits of a dapoxetine purchase.

Malegra oral jelly provides the same medication in a different form. Rather than being swallowed traditionally like other tablets, the oral jelly needs only be placed in the mouth where it will dissolve on its own. While Malegra tablets are offered in different flavors, the oral jelly, unfortunately, comes in only one flavor. On the bright side, however, it takes less time to work.

Malegra 100mg Reviews

The fact that Malegra tablets treat both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction can be very enticing. These are the two most prevalent sexual disorders in men.
Malegra 100mg reviews suggest that Malegra 100mg has undergone a number of clinical trials to determine its effectiveness. The drug has had very promising results in regards to treating ED. Many Malegra reviews have boasted about the fact that Malegra is available in a number of forms, which broadens its scope of use and consumer base.

Some of the negative feedback provided in Malegra 100mg reviews include experiences by some consumers who were unable to tolerate the drug. In other reviews, consumers experienced adverse side effects. This is not surprising in light of the warnings clearly provided to consumers and the fact that there are known reactions associated with ED medications as evidenced by most Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra reviews. Furthermore, Malegra is not always guaranteed to effectively treat ED in all patients and may not be beneficial to everyone.

Malegra Dosage

As the name suggests, Malegra 100mg tablets provide the recommended dosage of sildenafil citrate. While this is the most popular dosage of the drug, it is also the largest. Though the drug reaches maximum concentration in the bloodstream within thirty minutes, consumers are encouraged to wait an hour before engaging in sexual intercourse. Users are also advised to engage in sexually arousing activities to ensure maximum benefits.

In most cases, experts will not recommend Malegra 100mg for individuals who are not accustomed to the drug or to sildenafil in general. Consumers are always advised to begin with the lowest dosage available and gradually increase their dosage to achieve the required effects. Dosage exceeding 100 mg should be avoided. For example, taking 120 mg Malegra dosage will most likely only produce more adverse and dangerous side effects rather than making it more effective in producing or maintaining an erection.

If taking Malegra with meals, avoid foods high in fat and avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. Fatty food and alcohol have been known to interact negatively with sildenafil citrate and can decrease the effectiveness of the medication and even result in dangerous drops in blood pressure. This medication can be taken without food as long as it is administered with a glass of water.

Only use Malegra for ED treatment. The drug is only to be used by men over the age of 18 years. Older men (up to 70 years) can use the drug as directed by a physician.

For women with ED-related problems, Lovegra tablets are a considerable option. These sildenafil citrate pills come in a chewable form, but experts are skeptical on the effectiveness of sildenafil for women.

Malegra 100mg Side Effects

Most Malegra users report dizziness and headaches as the most common side effects experienced. Facial flushing, runny nose, nausea, and problems with sleep are also usually reported.

Rare but serious reactions occur when there is an excessive drop in blood pressure. In this case, side effects can include loss of vision, hearing loss, fainting, difficulty breathing, and swollen limbs. Rarely has prolonged erection (lasting longer than 4 hours), or priapism, been reported. Seek immediate medical attention should the side effects of Malegra worsen or become prolonged.

Safety Precautions When Buying and Using Malegra 100mg

Malegra is one of the most advanced and researched Viagra generics on the market. It is intended for use with a prescription only and under the direction of a medical doctor. These safety measures are meant to prevent harmful interactions and side effects. Viagra over the counter is usually dangerous.

Do not take Malegra alongside any medication in the class of nitrates. A dangerous interaction between sildenafil citrate and nitrates can lead to fatally low blood pressure. Always discuss your medical history with a doctor before treating ED with Malegra.

Where to Buy Malegra Online

There are many pharmacies from which users can buy Malegra online. As a very reputable Viagra generic, it is unlikely that a legitimate pharmacy offering ED generics will not have this medication in stock.

Consumers are encouraged to only purchase Malegra from pharmacies that guarantee pills from the original manufacturer. You can also check the legitimacy of a particular online pharmacy before buying products from them. There are many benefits, however, from buying genuine products from the pharmaceutical’s official manufacturers. Extra savings are often offered by the official websites. For example, a free Cialis coupon can save users up to 70% off the total cost.

Although users have the freedom to buy Malegra online even without a prescription, this is not always the best choice nor is it recommended for everyone. Currently, sildenafil citrate maintains its prescription-only status in large part because of the serious side effects that can be produced and the potential for dangerous drug interactions when not taken under the care of a physician.

Consult your primary care physician before buying Malegra online. If you are currently under the care of a doctor for any medical condition that requires medicinal treatment or are currently taking another ED medication, do not purchase or use Malegra.

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