Levitra Online: Dosage, Cost & Where to Buy Generics with Coupons.


Levitra became approved in 2003 as an effective and safe medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, or ED. Bayer is the manufacturer of the name-brand drug Levitra. Before Levitra’s approval, Viagra by Pfizer was the only FDA-approved medication for ED. Currently, there are four different brands of approved ED medications.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which men cannot attain or sustain an erection for more than 2 minutes after vaginal penetration. Experts forecast that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction will continue to increase. Higher rates of ED can be attributed to people’s unhealthy lifestyle choices. Habits such as smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, excessive weight gain, and stressful relationships all contribute to impotence.

After Viagra was discovered in 1998, scientists saw how controlled vasodilation could greatly improve the quality of erections achieved during sexual excitement. Before Viagra, herbal Viagra pills was the primary ED treatment and, unfortunately, not an effective one. The success of Viagra prompted other companies to search for a similar chemical formula that would prove as effective, if not more so, than Viagra. Within five years, Levitra was developed and achieved success in clinical trials. The main or active ingredient used in Levitra and its generic versions is vardenafil.

Levitra Reviews

Numerous Levitra reviews can be accessed on the internet today. For comparison research, consumers can also learn more about ‘what is better Viagra or Cialis’. To understand how other consumers experienced Levitra, the online reviews are broken down below in Q & A format:

How long does it last?
This question is addressed in a vast majority of Levitra reviews. After ingestion, the drug takes about 30 minutes to reach maximum potency. Depending on certain factors (e.g. the intensity of sexual stimulation), the period can extend to an hour. Medicinal benefits can be experienced up to 5 hours after ingestion. To be clear, this does not mean that users will sustain an erection for 5 continuous hours; it only means that consumers are capable of achieving an erection during a five-hour window with the assistance of sexual stimulation.

How do you take it?
The drug should only be taken on an as-needed basis by individuals diagnosed with ED. If sexual intercourse is anticipated within an hour, this drug can be administered. The appropriate dose is contained in one pill which should be taken with a full glass of water. Heavy meals and excess alcohol should be avoided when taking this drug. Levitra is also available in the form of orodispersible tablets which dissolve in the mouth rather than require swallowing. This version of vardenafil goes by the brand name Staxyn.

Is it effective?
Clinical trials have given Levitra a success rate of 73% on average. The largest population of test subjects achieved vaginal penetrations and maintained suitable erections.

What is its reputation?
Levitra is manufactured by a renowned pharmaceutical company. While the general public is less familiar with Levitra compared to Viagra and Cialis, loyal customers are positive that Levitra is the best ED medication.

Who can benefit from use?
Levitra has proven to be effective in patients of all kinds. Some reviewers who were not able to take other ED medications due to their less-than-optimal general health were able to take Levitra effectively. For those who have difficulty swallowing, an oral version is available.

What are the potential side effects?
When it comes to possible side effects, reviewers of Levitra claim that this drug produces the mildest reactions compared to other ED medications. In fact, users have only a 1% chance of developing complicated side effects when treatment follows a doctor’s consultation.

Levitra Dosage

Levitra is administered in dosages of 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg which is similar to the available strengths of generic Cialis for sale.

The most recommended Levitra dosage is 10mg as most users achieve the desired results with this dosage strength. The dose can be increased to 20mg or decreased to 5mg depending on the needs and experience of the user, but consumers are advised to only do so under the direction of a physician.

Levitra can be taken on an empty stomach. In fact, heavy meals can counteract the effects of the drug and delay the onset of the chemical action.

Doses are not to be taken more than once in a 24-hour period. Consumers who are on any other medication or who have co-occurring medical conditions should consult a doctor before taking any Levitra dosage, as serious complications can result.

Levitra is a PDE5 inhibitor which is a category of drugs that work by increasing the blood flow to the arteries. Sudden changes in blood pressure can result in fatality within seconds. Because of its potential to interact negatively with other medications or complicate other medical conditions, do not begin treatment with Levitra or any other ED medication without first consulting your doctor.

Levitra Cost

The cost of Levitra depends on a number of factors including the type and quantity of pills being purchased as well as the pharmacy from where you are buying. Market averages also impact how pharmacies set their price-per-pill.

There basically are two types of Levitra pills: name-brand and generic Levitra. Name-brand pills cost an average of $38 per pill. Generic pills are significantly cheaper, with prices averaging $1 to $3 per pill. Normally, larger dosages (e.g. 20mg) cost more than lower dosages (e.g. 5mg), but the price is not significantly different.

Some pharmacies sell their products at slightly higher prices than others. In fact, the difference in price from one pharmacy to the next can be extreme, particularly when location and shipping are considered. Customer care services occasionally offer free trial samples, coupons, and free or reduced-price delivery services which can greatly reduce the total cost.

At the end of the day, there will be a particular range within which most producers will set their prices. Market trends and averages dictate why brand pills cost significantly more than generic ones. Original producers have set and maintained the high prices.

Levitra Coupon and Free Trial Samples

Due to the extreme cost of name-brand Levitra, many consumers might wonder how users can afford to pay such high prices per pill. Based on the going rate for name-brand Levitra, 10 pills could realistically cost about $400.

Such customers will encourage you to use a Levitra coupon or to make use of discount offers and free trial samples services. A Levitra coupon, for example, can save you up to 70% of the total cost. Coupons are only available for name-brand pharmaceuticals, however.

Discount offers can take many forms. An online pharmacy, for example, may offer free shipping on bulk orders or those exceeding a certain price point.

Free trial samples, on the other hand, allow users to determine which pills work best for them without wasting money. Rather than relying on online reviews to determine which medication is most effective, users can test the medications themselves using free samples. Any genuine online pharmacy will offer a free trial sample if they have confidence in their products. Here, you can access a free Viagra sample pack, Cialis free trial sample, and a sample of Levitra.

For loyal customers, online pharmacies also offer money-back guarantees, secure payment options, accessible customer care service, and various referral services.

Differences between Name-Brand and Generic Levitra

The main difference between name-brand and generic Levitra pertains to patent protection and its expiration.

A patent is a legal document that secures a company’s right to fully (and solely) own a product’s design; products that are protected with a patent cannot be copied or duplicated by others until the patent expires. Patents typically last for about 20 years.

After the patent expires, any other company can use the original idea, design, or formula to create a similar product, providing it is not a carbon copy of the original product.

Patents for Levitra have expired in certain countries, including India, enabling pharmaceutical companies there to use Bayer’s chemical formula to create a generic Levitra. Patent laws also allow for the generic Cialis online Canada pharmacies you see on the internet.

If manufactured by a legitimate pharmaceutical company, generic pills should be as effective as the original versions. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any of the generic Levitra brands, as the pills must continue to undergo various tests. These clinical trials are meant to ensure the safe use of the generic pills. Even using the original formula, manufacturing a generic drug can still involve problems, particularly when it comes to additional ingredients used as additives and fillers.

You will also notice that generics are much more cost-effective than their name-brand counterparts. Lower prices result not from poor quality manufacturing but from greater competition in the market. While name-brand drugs are protected from competition in light of the patent laws, generic drugs can be manufactured by multiple companies which creates less of a demand. Decreased demand results in lower prices.

Generic drugs are not the same as over-the-counter medications; a drug can be a generic version but still require a prescription to purchase or use. While Levitra’s patent is due to expire in the U.S. soon, the drug will still require a prescription.

Where to Buy Levitra Online

Consumers are able to purchase Levitra pills – both the name-brand and the generic versions – discretely and conveniently from an online pharmacy. Buying ED pills online, however, can prove to be frustrating at times. Here are a few tips that can help:

Know the difference
Learn the difference between name-brand and generic pills. Consumers who are educated about the benefits of generic medications can enjoy a cost-effective alternative to name-brand drugs.
Understand the legalities involved
The concept of patent expiration goes beyond market monopoly. Patent protection prevents users in the U.S. and U.K. from legally purchasing and using generic Levitra, Cialis, or even Viagra. Any pharmacies offering to sell over-the-counter Viagra or Levitra in the U.S. or U.K. are fraudulent and should be avoided. Consumers purchasing Viagra in the U.S. can only buy the name-brand pills. Consumers are encouraged to become familiar with their state and federal laws before attempting to make any online purchases.
Spot the scammers
Unfortunately, most of the results from a simple internet search related to buying Levitra online are not to be taken seriously. Fraudulent pharmacies abound on the internet, but it is possible to distinguish legitimate companies from the scammers. First, any genuine online pharmacy must also have a brick-and-mortar base of operation. Look for a physical address listed for the business and then verify it. Next, look for the pharmacy’s license information which allows them to operate legally. An independent search on the internet can help you locate this information. You can also see if the online pharmacy is listed as a legitimate operator by credible sources such as CIPA, PharmacyChecker.com, and the FDA. Finally, consumers must read and understand the terms of operation for the pharmacy. These terms include money-back guarantees, payment methods, and delivery services.
Buying Levitra online, or buying generic Viagra online, can be relatively difficult for first-time purchasers. Once you have identified a trustworthy dealer, however, purchasing online can be as easy as it is convenient.

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