What Libido is Normal and What to do if it Differs from Your Partner’s!


What is libido and low libido?

Reading materials dedicated to men’s health, we often come across a concept of libido. In particular, authors of articles often use terms “low libido” and “high libido”. What does it mean?


In fact, libido (in simple terms, sex drive or sex desire) is a sort of things that can’t be measured. We can measure the level of sugar or testosterone in the blood. We can diagnose erectile dysfunction, based on independent factors like an ability or inability of maintaining an erection and decide on the need of prescribing a Viagra coupon. But we can’t give a quantitative evaluation to desire.

For this reason, the term “low libido” is often supplementedWhat Libido is Normal, and What to do if it Differs from Your Partner’s! or replaced by other formulations, such as loss of interest to sex or sexual anesthesia. But in fact, it doesn’t matter how we call it. The crucial thing is to understand whether there is a reason for concern or no.

What libido can be called “low”?

To estimate libido it is necessary to choose the initial point, a kind of a norm, which we’ll compare with.

When doing so, one must take into consideration several aspects:

  • Libido is not a constant value. It can change with age, and this is absolutely normal. For example, if at the age of 19 you thought of sex all day long, and at the age of 30 you don’t want it more than twice a week, it’s a norm, while fast and sudden reducing of libido is a reason for fret.
  • Libido differs in different people and even in representatives of different nations. As a general rule of thumb, researchers believe that southern nations are “hotter” than northern ones. Anyway, there is no point in comparing yourself to others. If your friend makes sex with his wife three times a day, and you want it three times per month, it’s a norm. But if you used to do it thrice a day recently, and now you don’t want it anymore, it’s a reason for concern. Always compare yourself to yourself, not to others.

What to do if your libido differs from your partner’s?

Till both partners are young, a man commonly has a higher sex drive if compared to his girlfriend. To resolve this problem, some women even order natural Viagra for women – a supplement, containing aphrodisiacs. With the course of time, men’s libido tends to reduce, while women’s libido can stay unchanged or even increase. This can cause a misbalance in the couple’s intimate life. However, like any other issue, this problem can be resolved, if the partners love and respect each other.


Tips for women:

  • Try to understand that your partner still loves you as passionately as before. He doesn’t have an affair or something like this. He just needs sex some less than some years ago.
  • Make a focus on quality instead of quantity. As a man grows older, the risk of premature ejaculation decreases, so he can last some longer. Take an advantage of this.

Tips for men:

  • Your partner needs your attention and love as strongly as before. Even if you don’t want sex much, don’t forget of hugs and kisses. Women like physical contact itself rather than bare sex.
  • Make a focus on the quality of your intimate life. Don’t hurry, be tender and passionate, and your woman will definitely appreciate this.
  • Try natural remedies for strengthening men’s power including erection and libido. Such remedies are known as herb Viagra side effects of which are minimal. But in fact, they don’t contain chemicals.
  • Try to be as open with your partner as possible. discuss your intimate life. Many problems arise from a trivial misunderstanding.

If the misbalance in sexual expectation is too noticeable or threatens your relations, you may need a specialist’s consultation. See a sexologist or a psychoanalyst and share your concerns. Don’t be shy to discuss your intimate issues with a doctor – your marital happiness is worth it.

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