What is Situational or Short-Term ED and does it Require Treatment?


Thanks to mass media, nowadays men are well aware of the risks associated with erectile dysfunction and methods its treatment. Everyone has seen an advertisement of online pharmacies that offer to buy Viagra online Canada and another similar med. But as it turns out, not always the loss of sexual power (inability of achieving an erection) can be referred to as erectile dysfunction (a.k.a. impotence). Sometimes we deal with so-called situational or short-term ED, which has absolutely different etiology and required different therapeutic methods.

What is situational erectile dysfunction?

As the name implies, situational ED is an inability of executing a sexual intercourse by a man under certain circumstances. Unlike long-term (permanent) ED, it is not a physiologic disorder. The erectile mechanism itself is not disturbed. In other words, a man is able of obtaining erected state of the penis without additional stimulators like sildenafil. But something prevents him from reaching erection right now. Usually, these are psychologic factors.

Reasons for situational ED

Typically, experts single out the following reasons for situational (short-term) erectile dysfunction in healthy men:

  • Anxiety or stress. When a man is nervous, tensed or scared, he can’t get relaxed. Moreover, severe stress causes adrenaline production, which suppresses testosterone. If a man is stressed, he just can’t turn his mind to making sex. He can’t get aroused, because he is concentrated on something else. An example of such situation is fear of failure in bed, which is often associated with an unsuccessful past experience.
  • Fatigue sometimes can cause problems with erection. A man searches for cheap Viagra online, while the real problem is a trivial tiredness combined with chronic lack of sleep. After a good sleep, the problem usually disappears.
  • It frequently happens so that men can’t reach erection being under influence, but on the next day everything is ok. This is a normal reaction of the organism to intoxication, and it is not a reason for panic. Loss of sexual power as a result of alcohol intake can happen with any man.
  • Intake of certain meds can cause a short-term erectile dysfunction. The weakening of potency is a side effect of some drugs. Commonly, the problem disappears as soon as you stop taking the drug.
  • Personal problems or tension in the relationship between partners. Scandals, quarrels and offenses do not contribute to improving sexual life. When a man is irritated or annoyed, he can’t think positively of his partner. If you have troubles in your family life, don’t try to resolve them with drugs. Despite a high price of Viagra, this pill is useless, when relations are far from being perfect. Consult a psychotherapist instead.
  • These contraceptives reduce the sensitivity of penis and slow down men’s arousal. Some men simply can’t get aroused wearing a condom. If this is your case, try an alternative method of contraception, for example, oral contraceptives. Of course, this is possible if you have a permanent sexual partner, and relations in your couple are strong and trusted.

Ways of situational ED treatment

As you see, a short-term ED is not ED in fact. Loss of erection occurs due to certain external (or internal) circumstances, but the entire physiological mechanism of erection functions normally. Experts believe that this type of erectile disorder doesn’t require a specific medication therapy. In the majority of cases, behavioral therapy is what is needed.

What is Situational or Short-Term ED and does it Require Treatment?

Situations differ, but general recommendations can be as follows:

  • have enough sleep;
  • have a good deep rest;
  • try to bring positive changes in your life;
  • resolve your interpersonal problems;
  • consult a psychoanalyst or psychotherapist.

Most cases of situational ED are treated by a simple eliminating of an initial cause. And your main task is to find this initial cause by yourself or with a specialist’s help.

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