Regular Sexual Activity Helps to Prevent ED Development in Some Men.


Is erectile dysfunction a norm for senior men?

It’s long been considered that a gradual decreasing of sexual function is a normal part of ageing. The older a man is, the lower his libido is, and the weaker his sexual abilities (potency) becomes. At a certain stage of life, a man completely loses his ability of reaching erection and making sex. So, erectile dysfunction or impotence is a kind of the norm for men over 60, and there’s no need in its treatment.

Yes, this statement reallyRegular Sexual Activity Helps to Prevent ED Development in Some Men. makes sense to some extent: there are some physiologic reasons for decreasing of sexual power with the course of ageing. First and foremost, the reason for it is reducing of testosterone. However, today experts believe that ED is an abnormal condition for men of any age. If a man is healthy, he should be able of reaching an erection, though the frequency and intensity of sexual intercourses will reduce. This theory received a confirmation after discovering of sildenafil citrate (Viagra). As soon as penile circulation is improved, a man easily reaches and maintains erection irrespective of age. Nowadays, specialists are convinced that men who preserve a good health and have no problems with blood vessels can preserve sex power till olden days. And one of the ways to preserve sexual health is to make sex regularly.

Why does it matter? Results of a recent survey

Some years ago a group of Finnish researchers had completed a major survey that lasted five years and was focused on the investigation of erectile function in older men. The survey involved over 900 volunteer men aged over 55. At the initial stage of the survey, all these men had no problems with erection. In 5 years the same men have questioned once again. It turned out that men who had sex once a week (at least) were less likely to suffer from erection problems than those living not regular sexual life or abstaining from sex. The difference was quite noticeable: in average, men who don’t have regular sex double chances for ED in older age. Those who have at least one intercourse per week usually can reach erection without Cialis and Viagra.

How is it explained?

Experts explain this phenomenon rather simply. Like any other function, our sexual function needs regular use and training. As the proverb says, use it or lose it. When a man has long periods of abstinence, muscles responsible for erection become weak, and pelvic circulation deteriorates. Meanwhile, making sex regularly, we train the muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

Is regular sex a guarantee for ED prevention?

Regular Sexual Activity Helps to Prevent ED Development in Some Men.

Unfortunately, erectile function of men is influenced by a great variety of factors – internal and external ones. It depends on the man’s lifestyle, his overall condition, medicines he intakes, his emotional and mental health and other factors. Of course, sex alone will not protect you from ED if you are overweight, have problems with heart or vessels and a high blood pressure. But all other things being equal, sexually active men are less likely to have ED than sexually passive ones.

What to do if it happened?

If preventive measures turned ineffective and you was stoke with ED, don’t panic. There are excellent drugs on sale that will effectively remove symptoms and let you continue living an active sexual life as before. Even taking into account the fact that you need more time to get aroused and reach an erection, this is not a problem? How long does Viagra last? Four-six hours. It is more than enough for you to complete an intercourse. Take at least one pill per week and be happy.

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