Men’s Major Fears Associated with Sex: How to Detect and What to Do!


Men’s Major Fears Associated with Sex: How to Detect and What to Do!Today it is much known about erectile dysfunction and the reasons causing it. We know that ED can be a result of numerous physical disorders. However, sometimes the main problem is in the head. Many failures in bed could be avoided, if men were less concerned about their performance, look and sexuality. What fears prevent men from leading a healthy sexual life and make them use alcohol or medicines to get relaxed before sexual activity? Read further to know the truth.

Inflated demands and expectations

This is a typical mistake of young and inexperienced lovers. They expect too much from themselves. But perfectionism is not good for bedroom relations. Concentrating entirely on your performance, one is risking to get an opposite result. Some guys order sildenafil over the counter for additional support. Though it often turns useless when the cause of failure is anxiety or fear, the pill may have a placebo effect. And still, specialists do not recommend taking meds without need. Selling Viagra online, Canadian pharmacy sells it without prescription. Meanwhile, this drug has some real side effects, which can damage health, if it is taken incorrectly.

Concerns about ageing

This is a very widespread men’s fear – a thought of their ageing. Men believe that as they get older, their sex appeal decreases. On the one hand, they expect that their own libido will reduce, and this often works as a mindset or affirmation. In other words, they program themselves to loss of interest to sex, and finally, it really occurs. On the other hand, men expect that women will lose interest to them. They are afraid of possible rejection. This also prevents normal sexual life and causes numerous disorders – from the inability of getting aroused to erectile dysfunction. In fact, specialists say that ageing doesn’t influence on sexuality – on the contrary, many couples report on a deeper satisfaction with their sexual life after their middle age. And many women find their partners even more attractive with the course of ageing.

Worry about appearance

It is traditionally believed in our culture that only women care about their appearance. In fact, body image is a touchy issue. Causes for concern are numerous – from a small height or extra weight to a small penis size. Though expert unanimously says that the size of the sexual organ doesn’t matter as well as height, the color of eyes or shape of ears, men still experience a lot of problems because of their physical characteristics. Unfortunately, Viagra and Cialis can’t resolve these issues, as they are of psychologic nature purely.

A risk of STI

A risk of sexually transmitted diseases is always higher for men, who don’t have a regular partner. Though a good level of contraception can resolve this problem as well as the problem of undesired pregnancy, some men get really paranoid about possible negative outcomes of their sexual activity. A permanent anxiety prevents them from relaxing and enjoying the process.

What can be done?

In fact, all the problems described exist only in men’s heads and nowhere else. Meanwhile, they can become reasons of sexual disorders, including erectile dysfunction. Moreover, in the majority of situations, there’s no sense in buying Viagra over the counter, as it will be useless. What is the solution then? Like all the psychologic issues, these problems are resolved with the help of forming right attitude and affirmations.

  • Men’s Major Fears Associated with Sex: How to Detect and What to Do!Accept the fact that nobody is perfect. There are men who are even shorter than you, and whose penis is even smaller than yours, and many of them are happily married. Appearance has nothing to do with sexuality.
  • Use modern means of contraception – they will resolve the problem of unplanned pregnancy and infections.
  • Relax and don’t care about your performance much. Focusing too much on the technical side of the process, you miss its most important and pleasant part. In fact, it doesn’t matter much how long you can last, but if you think of it all the time, you are risking to fail. So, take it easy and enjoyable.
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