Men’s Erection from A to Z: Anatomy, Mechanisms, Erectile Dysfunction.


What does penis consist of?

Men’s Erection from A to Z: Anatomy, Mechanisms, Erectile Dysfunction.

Millions of men worldwide never think of mechanisms lying at the heart of erection. They just experience erection naturally every time they get sexually aroused. However, sometimes it is useful to know how it works. When something is wrong, it’s important to understand what to – order Viagra over the counter, go to a doctor, or just wait a little.

Men’s penis consists of several “layers”. Contrary to a popular belief, it does not consist of muscle tissue. The main layers are the following structures:

  • Cavernous body (corpora cavernosa). It is made up of spongy material, which works like a real sponge. When is it is filled with blood, the tissue expands and gets firm. As a result, the penis gets erected.
  • Spongy body (corpus spongiosum). It is wrapped around the urethra and protects it from pressure, when the cavernous body expands. It acts like a bumper.
  • Tunica albuginea. This is a sort of a membrane between the two layers.

The penis is connected with other parts of the body with a system of blood arteries and nerves.

How and when does erection occur?

Normally, erection is a result of sexual stimulation. It can be physical (kissing, hugging, caresses, stroking of the penis and other parts of the body) or mental (sexual thoughts, images). Sometimes the penis is maintained in an erected state without stimulation. This condition is called priapism and it is one of the rarely occurred side effects of Viagra.

Erection is a complex process. As soon as the brain receives the signal of sexual stimulation, it transfers it via the nervous system to certain muscles. The muscles relax, making arteries get wider, which results in a significant blood inflow to the cavernous body. As soon as it is completely filled with blood, muscles at the root of the penis lock in the blood inside the penis, due to which erection is maintained.

At the same time, testicles release testosterone, which also contributes to maintaining an erection.
The erection goes away immediately after ejaculation (throw away of semen), which is normally followed by orgasm. The muscles in the blood vessels tighten up again, narrowing the vessels and making blood flow back.

Why does erectile dysfunction occur?

When for some reason one of the stages of the entire erection mechanism is disturbed, the process can’t be completed, and a man can’t either reach or maintain an erection firm enough for executing a sexual act. The reasons may both physical and psychologic (mental).

Here are the most common of them:

  • A signal from the brain is not delivered to muscles. It can be if the nervous system is inhibited by alcohol or drugs. This dysfunction is usually temporary and goes away as well as the cause is eliminated.
  • Muscles in the walls of blood vessels do not relax when the brain sends a signal, and the penis is not filled with blood. This disorder may be caused by a variety of factors. They are problems with the circulatory system, heart, prostate disorders, stress, anxiety, fear and many others. This type of dysfunction is treated with Viagra or similar drugs. If you buy Viagra online Canadian pharmacy is a real way to make it cheaper.
  • Testosterone is not produced in required amounts. The reasons for it, apart from a natural ageing, are an unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, lack of regular sexual life and others.

Bottom line

Erection is a complex process, which involves both physical and mental processes. To reach the best result and preserve a healthy erectile function for many years, a man should care for his mind and body equally, avoid stresses and lead a healthy mode of life.

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