Alternative Treatment of ED: are there Working Methods, or is it a Fake?


Today if a man decides to find information about erectile dysfunction and its treatment on the Internet, he is risking to sink in an ocean of advertisement of magic pills, unverified information and illegal offers of Viagra samples free by mail. It is easy to get lost in all this diversity. No surprise that unexperienced guys can’t distinguish between real safe methods of treatment with a proven efficiency and illegal offers of fake pills, which are useless at best and harmful at worst. Let’s try to find out, which of them you can trust, and which ones must be ignored.

What’s there on offer?

If you try to classify ED remedies on offer, you’ll probably distinguish several categories:

  • Pills like Viagra (PDE-5 inhibitors) – real brands and generics produced in India or other Asian countries.
  • The same PDE-5 inhibitors, but in other forms – oral strips, liquids, gels, patches and so on. All of them are generics; some are certified, others are sold illegally.
  • Remedies presented as natural Viagra alternative. Mainly, they are sold as food supplements over the counter. There are some certified high-quality supplements that really work. But there are oodles of fake pills that are marketed as herbal 100% natural remedies, but virtually containing toxic chemical ingredients.
  • Procedures like massage or acupuncture. Their efficiency is relatively low, but if done correctly by qualified specs, they have an overall positive health effect, which contributes to the strengthening of potency.

What alternative remedies really worth consideration

As of today, the most reliable and efficient method of treating problems with erectile function in men is intake of PDE-5 inhibitors. Everyone can compare Cialis vs Viagra and choose the most suitable option. Both drugs are prescribed by doctors.

Alternative Treatment of ED: are there Working Methods, or is it a Fake?

However, there are cases when for some reason a patient can’t use this method. For example, it can turn out that he is allergic to the components. Or the drug doesn’t work for him. Or side effects of Viagra turn out to be too severe. In other words, the man starts to look for alternatives. Experts say that apart from PDE-5 inhibitors, there are some agents that can really improve erectile function in men.

Here are they:
1. L-arginine. This is not a drug, but a specific amino-acid, which can be produced naturally or synthesized. When it gets to blood, its acts like Viagra: it enhances production of nitric oxide, which helps to relax and broaden blood vessels, providing a better blood circulation.

2. It is frequently contained in various herbal supplements. Moreover, it is one of few herbs that have a proven efficiency in terms of enhancing male power.

3. This is another herbal product with a relatively high efficiency, but, unfortunately, causing side effects. For that reason, it doesn’t suit to many men.

4. Ginkgo biloba. This plant is less efficient, but specialists say it still has a positive effect on male sexual function.

If you see supplements containing these ingredients, you can try them. Apart from them, supplements can include vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts, but no chemicals. Before buying, make sure that the product is certified by an authorized body.

When is it time to be suspicious?

Along with high-quality, good supplements for enhancing potency, there are a lot of low-grade and fake pills on offer that are marketed as natural remedies. Double-check the information, if you see the following claims:

  • Alternative Treatment of ED: are there Working Methods, or is it a Fake?Immediate results. Herbal remedies work slower than synthetic drugs. Often they have a cumulative effect. If you know how long does it take for Viagra to work (an hour or so), compare it to the claims of “magic pills’” manufacturers. Chances are that they contain cheaper analogs of sildenafil that are not tested and not approved by FDA.
  • Unrealistic claims (such as guaranteed enlargement of the penis). You can improve the quality of erection, but it is impossible to make penis bigger physically without surgery or stretching with special medical tools.

Buy only high-quality products that will help you to improve erection without damage to health!

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